Clean-N-Flush: All purpose liquid disinfectant concentrate. Cosmetology State Board Approved & EPA registered one-step hospital disinfectant. Bactericidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal. One gallon makes 128 gallons of ready-to-use. 

Sani-Care’s Hospital Clean-N-Flush is non-abrasive formula designed for daily use on hard surfaces, tools, tubs and pedicure spas, meeting all state regulatory agencies’ criteria, thus being the industry’s preferred economical disinfectant.  

For use in:  Nail & Hair Salons, Massage & Facial SalonsBarber & Beauty shops or Tattoo Parlors.  


For Pedicure Spa & Tubs (Only $0.31/gallon):
Simply add 5 OZ. of Clean-N-Flush disinfectant to 5 gallon of water. Turn on water circulate 10 minutes.  

For Hard Surfaces (Less than $0.01/day clean your salon)
For manicure stations / countertops, tables / chairs or other hard non-porous surfaces:
Add 1 OZ of Clean-N-Flush disinfectant to one gallon of water. Use for spray on your work station.  

For Tool Disinfection (Less than $0.10/day):
Add 1 OZ of Clean-N-Flush disinfectant in one gallon of water. Completely immerse instruments and tools for at least 10 minutes.

Clean-N-Flush Flyer      MSDS

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