Powder Disinfectant

HOSPITAL GRADE DISINFECTANT & CLEANER (2N1): Sanitation starter kit includes: MINI-PAIL of 10 powder dose-packs [Each pack dissolves in tap water to make 1 gallon of ready-to-use hard surface disinfectant.]; Labeled 1-gallon container for mixing; Labeled trigger-spray bottle. Mini-Pail also sold separately (as refill item). KILLS H1N1/SWINE FLU CLAIM! When used as directed kills broad spectrum of pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi – performance equivalent to other ready-to-use disinfectant products. Also contains detergent agent to remove dirt, oils and grime from surfaces – CLEANS, DEODORIZES and DISINFECTS.

Powdered Disinfectant Flyer      MSDS

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